A woman took 550 times the usual dose of LSD, with surprisingly positive consequences

Drug overdoses can be life-threatening, but for two women who accidentally took massive hits of 1p lsd , the experience was life changing — and in a good way.A 46-year-old woman snorted a staggering 550 times the normal recreational dose of LSD and not only survived, but found that the foot pain she had suffered from since her 20s was dramatically reduced.Separately, a 15-year-old girlwith bipolar disorder overdosed on 10 times the normal dose of the drug, which she said resulted in a massive improvement in her mental health.Their experiences were detailed in case reports published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs last month, along with that of a third woman who accidentally overdosed on lsd tabs during the second week of pregnancy. She ultimately gave birth to a healthy son, now 18, who has not shown any impaired development.Psychedelics: Can getting high improve your mental health?While the experiences of these women were exceptional, their stories can help inform the resurgence of research into the use of psychedelic substances for the treatment of conditions such as addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety, the researchers believe.”No clinical trial research could be done with dosages this high and there are no publications exploring the positive outcomes of very large dosages of buy lsd online ,”the authors said.”To understand the effects of extremely high dosages of psychedelics such as LSD, an examination of overdoses in naturalistic settings is required.”However, experts stressed that these cases were unique and warned against experimenting with the drug, which is illegal in the US and UK.”They don’t really show the benefits of 1p lsd, rather they show that in some people exceptionally high doses don’t lead to enduring harms and may do some good,” said professor David Nutt, director of the Neuropsychopharmacology Unit in the Division of Brain Sciences at Imperial College London.The details of each case study came from interviews with the individual women, their family members and friends, drug suppliers, witnesses, health records and case notes,according to the paper.

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